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81% of People in the US say that they would like to write a book.  Only 1% ever do.  Of those that start, 75% of them don't finish.  Why?

Self-publishing is confusing and there are many steps to produce a quality book. 

  • Writing it Right

  • Critique / Editing

  • Focus Groups

  • Illustrations

  • Graphic Design / Formatting

  • Creation of Print & Ebook Files

  • AudioBook Creation (if applicable)

  • Submitting to Award Programs

  • Book Publicity, Marketing & Advertising

  • and many other tasks not described here...

If you are one of the 81% that has considered writing a book - don't become a statistic.  Your story could change someone's life - or change the world! 

We offer a 12-week Author Workgroup to help you navigate through
the often confusing process of self-publishing your book.


What Sets Us Apart?

  • A Proven Structure

  • Accountability (Weekly Meetings, Assignments)

  • Expertise (Best-Selling Authors and Special Guest Speakers)

  • Support (1:1 Coaching and Drop-in Hours

  • Community (Live meetings, Private FB Group)

  • A private playlist of recorded sessions always available for your access.

"Self-publishing is not EASY, but my goal is to make it SIMPLE, walking you through every step in a collaborative and supportive environment.  You've got this!"

-- April M. Cox

Let us help you avoid the pitfalls:

  • Mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars

  • Predatory vendors, vanity presses and others

  • Frustration trying to navigate through the process

  • Wasted time and energy

  • Discouragement causing you to abandon your book

Attend a FREE introductory session where we will answer

questions and help determine if this group is right for you!

Enrolling for May Classes NOW!

>> Cost for the 12-week session is $149 (early bird pricing) through 4/26.

           - That's just over $12 a week! Space is limited.
>> Weekly Sessions will be held Thursdays from 8-9pm Eastern

           - All sessions are recorded and available on demand

>> Live assistance will be offered during weekly office hours (day/time TBD)

>> Additional 1:1 coaching is made available for workgroup attendees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I cannot attend at the given time slot?  We record our sessions and post slides and replay in the private Facebook group.  You can also schedule a 1:1 coaching session FREE for workgroup attendees throughout the 12-week group to keep on track.

  • Is there any cost for 1:1 assistance?  Participants will receive 2 free 1:1 coaching sessions and can purchase more.  Optional "office hours" are provided every week where members can drop in for free assistance during a 2-hour block of time.

  • Do you offer other services to help us get through the process?  Yes, absolutely.  There is no obligation to purchase additional services, however, if you are in need of Critique, Editing, Copy Writing, Keyword/Category Analysis, Project Management, Amazon Setup or Book Publicity & Marketing - we can help.  You choose how much you want to do yourself with training, guidance, and support OR choose DFY (Done for You) services as needed.

  • What happens when the group is over?  We have a Facebook group for Alumni to support one another and gain additional assistance as they work through their publishing journey.  We also welcome you to become a part of our team to help others.

Other Questions?  Feel free to email us. 


More Testimonials


"I highly recommend joining the Little Labradoodle Publishing Author Workshop! I joined this group feeling extremely overwhelmed as I tried to self-publish my children's picture book and felt extremely supported by April. She is extremely approachable and happy to help in between sessions.

Each session she choice great topics to discuss and answered so many of my questions. The speakers who joined us each week were extremely helpful as well and simply provided the support, tools, and resources that myself and other authors needed. Self-publishing your own book can be a daunting adventure but April was able to bring the excitement back into that

adventure with her Author Workshop." -- Shelby Hoefling


"April Cox is passionate about supporting the writing community and is true to word - her workshops provide a supportive and nurturing environment for anyone planning to publish a children's book.  April's sessions are highly organized, interactive sessions which promote connection and learning.

She has been so generous with her time and resources, whether it be offering a 1:1 session regarding your progress or the weekly group sessions or drop-ins. She shares valuable wisdom and is connected to those who have expertise across a wide range of topics along the journey, which could be a lonely path without the right support network. Both April and Bobbie Hinman have provided an authentic experience, sharing wins and losses to support others, along with a framework for instilling discipline into the writing process. I'm so grateful for April's valuable feedback for my upcoming book and I'm excited to watch her heartfelt initiative grow!"
-- Susan Lee


"Whether you're a newbie author, a veteran writer looking to freshen your writing up a bit, or an author looking for new marketing ideas, this workshop is a MUST. You will find a unique camaraderie and a safe place to ask questions about anything involving the writing, publishing, and marketing of children's books. See you there!" -- Bobbie Hinman, Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author 


"I had the dream, the motivation and the determination to write and publish a book- what I lacked was the "know-how" of self-publishing. It is a complex business to navigate and I needed someone to take me step-by-step through the process. There are many different components to master in the self-publishing world and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is a dangerous place to be when learning something new! It is very easy to just give up rather than push through fear and uncertainty.

April's Author Workgroup was just what I needed! Each week we tackled a new topic in the self-publishing process with experienced speakers who shared what they have learned in their own professional journeys. April's thorough curriculum, along with Bobbie Hinman's expertise, resulted in a course that every new and aspiring author can benefit from.

 April is patient, professional, generous with her time and her knowledge of the self-publishing business is vast. Plus, she has a big heart for a newbie like me!"  -- Alicia Stenard


"Your workgroup was amazing. I’m so glad I took it. I’m well on my way to publishing my books. 
Anyone in doubt as to whether to take the class or not should do it." -- Misty Porter Black


"This workgroup was so informative. I learned so much about the self-publishing process. The guest speakers were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions." -- Latisha Langston

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