Join the Little Labradoodle KLUB


With my new picture book, Join the K.L.U.B. - No Bullying Allowed, we find our sweet little Labradoodle character and his friends coming face to face with bullies and feeling discouraged, left out and hurt.


Brady notices that there are many others who face the same challenges and it is the bullies that are in the minority.  Given this inspiration, the animal friends decide to form a club… or should I say K.L.U.B.? 

The letters K-L-U-B mean something important and become guiding principles for the group - Kindness, Love, Unity, and Bravery.  With those four "tools" the animal friends decide that they can accomplish anything.  ​

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KLUB Membershiip Kits

The Little Labradoodle KLUB was formed to make a difference in the communities we serve. 


We hope to inspire fans, teachers, parents, coaches, youth groups and others to join us to spread these positive messages and unite to do something great together!


Little Labradoodle KLUB kits include:


- Join the K.L.U.B. - No Bullying Allowed Book

- KLUB Membership Cards

- Wristbands

- Little Labradoodle Brady Plush

- KLUB Stickers & Tattoos​

- Coloring & Activity Book

- Literacy Guide / Curriculum

- KLUB Bag (optional)